2022 Haircut Trends

2022 Hair Cut Trends .

This year sees more layers and texture being demonstrated in the salon.

Over the last few months we have seen more and more people coming into the salon asking for the ‘Wolf’ and the ‘shag’ haircuts. America have been leading the way with these haircuts but we are seeing them come over to the U.K now .

Teenagers are going a little more daring, and I have seen this in salon with a few of my younger teens. But it doesn’t mean that the trend is just for the youngsters. More and more people are coming away from the curtain bangs and going a little more adventurous adding more dimension to their cuts and more texture .

So what is this new trend? Think of an old skool mullet, but take it to another level of sophistication and you see more natural movements coming back, utilising the wave in those of us blessed with a bend, but never fear those of us with straight hair can achieve the look too with some crafty messy curls created with either a straightening iron or a wand (We show you some of these tricks with our blowdry courses available on our voucher page! )

For so long we have been smoothing out our curls and having more definition but now it’s all about unruly hair. I think this is why the younger generation jumped on this style for its ease of styling. It’s taking all of that weight away from the face a little more but still framing those jaws and eyelines. At the back it’s all about the curl! What I love about it is its ease to get up and go in the morning. So if you are a get up and go kind of girl this cut is definitely one you want to consider!

Even the bobs are adding more texture now. With a cute curtain bang fringe and a loose wave this can be more softer and add a little more interest to a one length bob.

Colour is also looking more solid with a few natural lighter pieces keeping the overall look natural. Instead of heavy balayages think of baby fine highlights giving a sun-kissed hue to enhance the cut .

Colour is such a fab way to show of dimension and depth in a hair cut.

So what are you waiting for? Why not pop in and let us show you what we think will be best for you.

Lots of love Becky and the girls at F&G xx