Blow drying hair

Morning all!

Today I’ll be going through with you how to blow dry your hair step by step. This can be used on bob length hair to long hair and I will be concentrating on informing you on how to keep the hair straight and smooth.

Step 1. After washing and towel drying your hair — i would encourage you to speak to your stylist on the best shampoo and conditioner to use on your hair — I would apply a 5 pence piece of Bouncy and Tender by Loreal through the mid lengths and ends.
Step 2. I would get you hair dryer and I would start to rough dry the hair aiming the flow of air in the same direction as your hair grows… downwards. Do this until your hair is around 70% dry. This stops the brush from damaging the hair and also direct heat damaging the hair too.
Step 3. Section the hair by taking it no deeper than the width of brush head you intend to use.
Step 4. You now want to put the brush in at the nape area and have your hairdryer facing down the hair shaft. Using a nozzle would be beneficial. Then slowly you want to guide the brush down with the hairdryer following suit.
Step 5. Continue this through the whole section. Your brush will not be wide enough to do it one so take your time.
Step 6. Take the next section down, continuing to take the section no deeper them the size of your brush head.
Step 7. Continue this method throughout the whole of the session.
Step 8. I would encourage you to use Mythic Oil by Loreal and squeezing out 2 to 3 drops depending on length and thickness of the hair.
Step 9. Swish you hair and show how fabulous you are!!!