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Embrace your hair this summer!

Embrace the Summer Season with Healthy, Vibrant Hair: Tips from Fred & Ginger Hair and Beauty

Summer is a season of sun, fun, and relaxation. It’s the perfect time to enjoy beach days, pool parties, and outdoor adventures. However, the combination of sun exposure, chlorine, and saltwater can take a toll on your hair. At Fred & Ginger Hair and Beauty, we believe that your hair should look fabulous all year round. That’s why we’ve partnered with Kevin Murphy, a leading brand in hair care, to ensure your locks stay healthy and vibrant this summer. Here are our top tips for protecting your hair during the sunny season.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Just like your skin, your hair needs hydration to stay healthy. The sun can dry out your hair, making it brittle and prone to breakage. Kevin Murphy’s HYDRATE-ME.WASH and HYDRATE-ME.RINSE are perfect for adding much-needed moisture. These products are packed with antioxidants and vitamins to nourish and hydrate your hair, leaving it smooth and shiny.

Shield Your Hair from the Sun

UV rays can damage your hair, leading to colour fading and dryness. To protect your hair from the sun, use a product like Kevin Murphy’s UN.TANGLED. This leave-in conditioner not only detangles your hair but also provides UV protection. It’s a must-have for anyone spending time outdoors.

Prevent Chlorine and Saltwater Damage

Chlorine and saltwater can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle. Before you dive into the pool or ocean, wet your hair with fresh water and apply a protective product like STAYING.ALIVE by Kevin Murphy. This lightweight, leave-in treatment is rich in antioxidants and helps repair and protect hair from environmental stressors.

Nourish with Masks

Weekly deep conditioning treatments are essential during the summer. Kevin Murphy’s RE.STORE is a cleansing treatment that acts as a shampoo and conditioner, repairing damage and restoring elasticity and shine. For an intensive treatment, try YOUNG.AGAIN.MASQUE, which rejuvenates and strengthens hair.

Avoid Heat Styling

Summer is the perfect time to embrace your natural texture and give your hair a break from heat styling. However, if you must use heat, always apply a heat protectant like HEATED.DEFENSE from Kevin Murphy. This lightweight, leave-in foam protects your hair from heat damage up to 230°c

Trim Regularly

Regular trims are crucial to keep your hair looking healthy and prevent split ends. Schedule a trim every 6-8 weeks at Fred & Ginger Hair and Beauty to maintain the health and shape of your hair.

Stay Stylish with Summer-Friendly Hairstyles

Consider hairstyles that keep your hair protected from the sun and heat. Braids, buns, and ponytails are not only stylish but also keep your hair safe from damage. Add a chic hat or a scarf to shield your hair from direct sunlight.

Why Kevin Murphy?

Kevin Murphy products are known for their high performance, natural ingredients, and eco-friendly practices. At Fred & Ginger Hair and Beauty, we trust Kevin Murphy to provide the best care for our clients’ hair. Their products are free from sulphates and parabens and are cruelty-free, making them a perfect choice for conscientious guests.


Summer is a time to enjoy, and with the right care, your hair can stay as vibrant as your summer plans. At Fred & Ginger Hair and Beauty, we are committed to helping you maintain healthy, beautiful hair all season long. Visit us for personalized hair care advice and to explore the full range of Kevin Murphy products. Your hair deserves the best, and we’re here to provide it.

Stay fabulous this summer with Fred & Ginger Hair and Beauty!