First aid training

Last week we updated our first aid training  knowledge in the salon. It was very interesting finding out how different things are when it comes to saving a life now compared to life before covid!

It felt good to be together as a team again learning something new. Even tho at times it was quite scary & daunting to think of anything life threatening happening in real life and us having to be the ones to help.

We was taught all the correct safety measures you should use if someone needed our help. Although we did mostly look like plonkers talking to these manikins it was a real eye opener & 100% took everything in.

Finding out everything a first aider should & shouldn’t do if it was a real person. We even found out where the nearest defibrillators are to the salon!

We can safely say that us ladies at Fred & Ginger can now help save a life if anything was to happen in or outside of the salon as trained first aider’s.