Fred & Ginger have teamed up with Simone Thomas

Do you often look at your hair and it feels dull and lifeless or fine and limp. Often its because we don’t look after ourselves on the inside. We have teamed up with Simone Thomas to bring you an exciting new plan.

Simone is a leading and award-winning hair loss consultant, a nutritionist, and a bioenergetics practitioner. She and her team have been treating hair loss and scalp conditions for men, women, and children for over ten years. Having personally suffered with alopecia, and following years of studying hair loss and nutrition, Simone Thomas identified that the key to treating hair loss starts from within and so Simone Thomas Wellness was born.

Simone Thomas Wellness aims to empower you with the knowledge you need to treat your health and wellbeing concerns from the inside out. All our award-winning products are based on proven results and supported by consumer research.

Like all Simone Thomas Wellness products, The Biotin Hair Care Plan is the result of hours of research and trusted expertise. Using only the finest ingredients with proven health benefits, this contains Biotin Brilliance, Super Greens and Everyday Wellness capsules to supply your body with all the biotin, iodine, live cultures, and botanicals it needs to maintain it in peak condition. Certified by the Vegan Society, gluten, and diary free it contains 8 superfood ingredients and 6 super strength probiotics, and it is highly beneficial for your skin and nails too.

The Biotin Hair Care Plan was a finalist in the ‘Best New Inclusive Hair Product’ category at the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2020, a silver award winner in ‘Best Sustainable Hair Product’ at the Global Green Beauty Awards 2020, and a joint winner of the ‘Best Hair Supplement’ category at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020. It was also voted Best Hair Supplement, along with The Gingko Hair Care Plan, winning an Indy Best Award by The Independent in 2021.

We understand the devastating effect hair loss has on your self-esteem, it can be very soul destroying to helplessly watch your hair thin or your hairline recede. The Ginkgo Hair Care Plan from Simone Thomas Wellness aims to help with this; it provides a one-month supply and is suitable for vegans, gluten and dairy free. Containing Ginkgo Biloba, Super Greens and Everyday Wellness capsules enriched with 8 superfood ingredients, 6 super strength probiotics and minerals and amino acids this is your go-to product if you are concerned about thinning hair or hair loss.

The Ginkgo Hair Care Plan was the winner for ‘Best Hair Care Supplement’ by Marie Claire Hair Awards in 2020, it won a Bronze Award for the ‘Best New Inclusive Hair Product’ by the Pure Beauty Awards London in 2020, it was a bronze winner for the ‘Best Vegan Hair Product’ by the Global Green Beauty Awards in 2020 as well as a ‘Wellbeing Editors’ Choice’ Awards in 2020. It was also voted ‘Best Hair Supplement’ along with The Biotin Hair Care Plan, and awarded an Indy Best Award by The Independent in 2021.

If you would like more information on the packages please feel free to contact us.