Technical Hair Salon

Is a colour change that easy??

Coming out if lockdown we have been bombarded with people seeking change!! Be it large or small? Some have needed to colour their hair themselves? and others just being bored and in need of a fresh start…

We at Fred & Ginger pride ourselves on our knowledge and love to pass this on between ourselves and also our clients. But these days it’s all social media and watching celebrities and the like in the public eye. If which seem to change there hair colour on a whim!

BUT OHHHH!! If only it was that easy?

Many of our celebs have hair extensions or glue in pieces and even use wigs so that it does not affect the condition of there hair! after many years of working with professional models this is how many magazine pictures are produced ! where as all our before ands after pictures are of actual changes on the day

At Fred & Ginger our number one is your hair looking gorgeous and the condition staying amazing! So we use our expertise to do both! First what colour you would like and can it be achieved?

When we look at taking the hair lighter when it has previously had darker colours existing before we need to remove colour with a step by step process that depending on the condition can take a few visits! But rest assured we do everything we can to get you there asap.

Going darker also can be hard if the hair is over sensitised it can take another step by step to darken the hair! Like painting a wall red it takes a few coats to get the colour we want. Without being to technical I could go on forever! We use the best L’OrĂ©al colours and treatments in salon to help you reach your hair colour goals.


Lots of love,