Lashes and what we offer.

We offer some of the best eyelash treatments around

Starting with a Lash Lift. Some of you may ask what it is. It is a treatment which gently lifts the shape of the natural eye lashes into a curl that enhances the appearance of the eye area. This salon treatment is suitable for all clients as it can be completely tailored to suit all with a natural curl or a dramatic upward sweep. It is then finished with a tint to give a more dramatic look. You can then wear them naturally or enhance them even further by wearing mascara. The look is out of this world. The treatment lasts for up to 6 weeks and only takes 45 minutes to do in salon with Kirsten.

We then have individual and cluster lashes.

You can use cluster lashes for an event and they will only last a few days. Great for a night out or a special event. You can have as little or as much as you wish. They are fans of lashes to enhance your own natural ones. Individual lashes last longer then clusters so are great to wear for a couple of weeks and can be infilled after the initial 2 week starting point. We do advise to have fresh sets regularly though. These are individually placed on your natural lash to create either a natural look with our classics or dramatised look with our Russian lashes.

All services for lashes require a skin test 48hours before.

What ever you chose to have kirsten will look after you from start to finish.