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Teddy raises money for ADHD and Autism

Becky’s son Teddy decided that on Saturday 2nd May 2020 he was going to #bravetheshave and cut all of his hair off to a number 2 for charity.

ADHD and Autism are subjects close to our heart in our family and he wanted to bring awareness and raise money for the cause.

Teddy doesn’t like to cut his hair, but with support from us he decided this was right for him. We shaved his hair off!

To make it more interesting Becky’s husband John let Teddy shave his hair off too! So now I have 2 bald headed men in our house. Brilliant!

We did show this love on our Facebook feed and he raised £415 by the end of that day.

People are still donating and I’m so proud of him. If you would like to donate then please follow this link

Thank you again for reading.

Lots of love Becky and the F&G girls xx