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Advance Electrolysis (Skin tag, Thread vein and Milia removal)

In salon we offer advance electrolysis for hair, skin tag, milia and thread vein removal

Electrolysis can be used on the face and body, and works by passing a very small, precisely targeted current of energy into the target area of the skin. This ‘dries up’ the vessels that feed into the area, cauterising skin tags and causing them to drop off without leaving any marks behind.

Milia treatment is performed by inserting a tiny electrolysis needle (about the size of an eyelash) and applying a Short Wave Diathermy or Thermolysis current which is an AC/RF/HF (Alternating current, radio frequency, high frequency) current.

Advanced Electrolysis is a tried and tested method for the treatment of thread veins. It removes thread veins with an electrical current. A very small hot sterile needle is placed on the skin over the thread vein, and the current heats up the broken veins and causes them to cauterise. The procedure causes minimal discomfort but lasting effects.

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