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Using the right products

Using the right products.

Have you ever sat and wondered why does my hair go limp? Why is my hair damaged? Why does my hair not hold a curl?

Some of the answers can be found in using the right products. We believe in teaching our guests how to look after their hair after they have seen us in salon. Those of our clients who have colour we recommend taking home a colour shampoo to make their colour last longer. One we love in salon is Kevin Murphy Everlast shampoo and rinse. Why do we recommend this? Well why would you spend £100s each year for your colour not to last? This product is sulphate and paraben free and not tested on animals.  It also smells of vanilla and bergamot and gives it that spa like smell. Your hair is cleansed gently and stops colour fade and helps keep the integrity of the hair which will also stop colour fade!

There are so many more products that we can advise on including how to keep hair smooth and also how to give lift with the right homecare advise.

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