What is your favourite fringe?

Have you ever thought I want to change my hair cut but I want to keep the length? A great way to change the complete look of a style is to have a fringe. Now I’m not just talking about a fringe that your mum and dad used to cut that was so far up your forehead you used to have to walk around looking surprised for a week or two, although they can look trendy when they are cut right! I’m talking maybe curtain bangs, textured fringe, (choppy) side fringe, bevelled fringes or just a straight forward blunt fringe. There are so many!

Take the on trend fringe – curtain bangs. Soft and effortless and framing those cheekbones. It looks fabulous on those of us with long hair, but equally can look sassy with a little bob. It looks great when the hair is tousled and wavy. Effortless chic.

Blunt fringes are still a favourite of mine. Making eyes stand out and can make a one length cut look really sleek and bold. I personally prefer them when they are heavy. They can be incorporated to bevel off on the corners to give a softer approach also. Blending in to a more layered look. If heavy is not for you they can be texturised to soften the look and create movement, great if you want to grow out a fringe or start wearing to the side or as curtain bangs when it gets too long.

A side fring is great for those of us that worry about going the whole way with a fringe. It gives something that will frame our face whether you’re wearing your hair up or down, curly or straight. A great all rounder.

What’s your favourite fringe? Maybe you have many. What ever your choice, fringes are game changers when changing up your hair!