Why do we need toners?

Why do we need toners? Ever wonder why your hair goes dull or brassy after a few weeks? Let me explain. When we lift the hair we are taking out the pigment, if we go too far you will lose all keratin in the hair and it will be left open and porous and not except anything. So we lift it to an acceptable stage.  We then tone, neutralise and enhance the colour with a toner.
Toners wash out though Think of it as a foundation. If you were to put foundation on to smooth you complexion it wouldn’t last forever and after you would be left with your natural skin.
Toners are the same but last a few weeks. Like anything that starts white or ashy. A piece of white paper left in the sun too long can go a shade of yellow. Take a look at our work positions the position closest to the door and sun has a lovely yellow shade to it too 🤣
So if your stylist tells you you will need maintenance of a toner in  2 to 3 weeks why not book it in? It will make your colour look fresher for longer! 💜
Ask your stylist if you need more advice