Technical Hair Salon

Which hair colour suits me?

When you come to the salon your stylist will always endeavour to make you look and feel your best. This is always done in a consultation where everything is taken into consideration. When choosing a hair colour it is important that some of your characteristics are taken into consideration when doing this.

Eye colour is an important factor and we want to enhance these features. For example if you have blue eyes, then a caramel or golden tone will make them appear more blue. If you have green eyes then a vibrant shade of red will look amazing. But it’s not just the eyes that play a part, your complexion is key also. You don’t want to appear washed out with the wrong depth, you want it to add tone to your hair. A milky complexion can always look fresh with a copper contrast in it.

This is why everything matters. It doesn’t stop there. Your lifestyle could impact in the choices made. For example when working in a corporate surrounding you may not want to rock up with vivid pink hair, so you see these choices we make can make a huge difference in what is right and what is wrong!

We work with L’OrĂ©al colours and they have a fab app that can help with all of the questions.

Try it out on android or apple – Style my hair.