Technical Hair Salon

Why use the right shampoo and conditioner?

We are often given lots of choice on shampoo and conditioner. But which is the right one for you? Why do they cost so much?

For many people the shampoo and conditioner is just added to the basket on their weekly shop, and that’s fine but what damage can you be doing to your hair and scalp? You need to look after your hair as you would your skin. It needs to have love and attention to look its best.

A lot of shampoos on the high street can claim to be looking after your tresses but in fact they are coating them in silicone. Have you seen the videos that have circulated of women scraping this residue off their hair? Thus can make the hair dull and lifeless with no body. No one wants this. We need one that will not weigh our hair down. But still help to deliver moisture back in to the hair. We love our Olaplex range for this. It helps to build the bonds in your hair and strengthen the cuticle too.
The scalp is another area where the pores can get blocked and the sebaceous glands can go in to overdrive, leaving the hair lank and greasy. One of our brands that can help with this is Alterna. It has a densify shampoo that literally unplugs the pores and helps to clean the scalp of debris.
Fine hair can really upset a person. There are a few options that will help, a shampoo and conditioner that is not too heavy is one of the solutions. Some people think they shouldn’t use a conditioner as it will weigh the hair down. This is not true if you have the right one. It will also lead to other problems. The hair can become dry and brittle, then will break because of the weakness.

Our L’Oréal Serioxyl shampoo and conditioner helps with both of these issues. Both are light in texture and will not weigh the hair down or coat it.

One of the key ingredients that many people over look is sulphates. Sulphates will dramatically reduce any colour added to the hair, so when you spend your hard earned money on the best colour and it fades, you need to be looking at what you are doing st home to prevent this happening. Again the right shampoo and conditioner can help keep your colour looking fresher for longer and brighter also.

So no matter what hair colour, density, length or age of the hair you should always look after it. Starting with the right shampoo and conditioner can save you  money in tears in the future.